What Family Members are Saying:





One Family Member’s Story

I cannot find enough accolades to explain how much respect I have for all of the at Full Circle. Never have I seen so many people working in one place with such kind and loving and positive qualities as I see in these people every day I deliver my brother to them. He believes, and often tells me, “They need me. They love me.” as we drive to the building. It is so reassuring to me that he is in the right place. I have worried a lot about the fact that he has lost much of his cognitive and reasoning abilities, but the staff is aware of this and is able to adjust beautifully to these changes when dealing with him. When I refer to the staff, I mean everyone from the Executive Director to the Administrative Assistant, the Nurse, the Life Enrichment Director, the staff on the floor and the volunteers.

Before Adult Day Care programs such as Full Circle, many people had no other option except a nursing home. Now, it is difficult to believe how hard I resisted help with caring for my family members. If I had known how beneficial this wonderful program is, I would have come to them sooner. They provide a structured program with something for everybody. You don’t see the clients sitting around with nothing to do and no one to talk to. Without any reservations, i highly recommend Full Circle as the best adult day care facility anywhere in our country. The lives of the care givers and their loved ones are greatly enriched, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are in safe and long, professional hands is priceless
“Jo”, Caregiver